Not Another Food Blog

This is not another food blog.

I am not another food blogger.

But, I have a passion for food and cooking and everything that goes along with it. For me, food and cooking is an opportunity for me to worship the God that provided it. I have a passion for healthy eating and nutrition and I believe that food is not just to fuel our bodies, but to nourish them, not just to satisfy our appetite, but to enliven our taste buds. God has blessed us with an incredible opportunity to meet him daily– at His table! My goal here is to help you learn to worship Christ through your food and share with you the journey towards the Lord’s table.

I won’t be posting lots and lots of recipes; that isn’t my purpose here. I read a lot of food blogs and pin from even more, and what I’ve noticed is that most recipes aren’t that original. Dishes run in trends, with all the healthy food blogs posting a few different quinoa bowls within a few weeks of each other, featuring what seems to me a pick-one-from-each-column method of dish construction (e.g. pick a grain, dried fruit, roasted vegetable, flavor-binder like maple syrup or orange juice, nut or seed, mix it all together and serve hot). There is nothing wrong with this; it just isn’t what I want to accomplish here. Sure, I’ll post some recipes (very few, if any, will be my own) and some photos, but mostly I’ll be writing about how we can worship through eating and cooking, how we can meet and learn about God by the beauty of His produce.

So, with that, I happily introduce Quail and Manna!


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