Quail and Manna is designed to worship Jesus Christ through cooking, eating and sharing meals. With a passion for Christ and food, I want to share with you the blessings He has rained upon us that we so frequently take for granted: our daily bread, our daily quail and manna.

I chose the name “Quail and Manna” from Exodus 16¬†because this is a place that God explicitly feeds his children and his children learn to worship God with their daily meals. They learn to trust Him to provide food each and every day. For 40 years. For their entire lives. Even when the Israelites grumbled and complained, the Lord was gracious to them and gave them meat to eat each evening. He even preserved the Sabbath by providing them enough on the sixth day to provide for the seventh day, the only time that the manna did not go bad overnight. Then Moses preserves a jar of manna to be placed before the Lord and preserved for generations to come, so that they may remember the Lord’s gracious provision.


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